Q:   What is a TAT?      

A:   TAT stands for Temporary Airbrush Tattoo.  An airbrush is a small device which  mixes air and ink into a spray.   A TATist lays a stencil on the area to be airbrushed and carefully sprays  ink on to the skin's surface.  After the ink has a moment to dry, the stencil is removed and a TAT is created!

Q:    Are TATs  Safe?
A:   Yes, I use ink  which contains only FDA approved ingredients which are non-allergenic and organic. TATs do not break the skin.  I do not apply TATs  to the face.

Q:    How long will the TATs last?
A:    TATs last up to 1 week.  Skin type, care of the TAT and other conditions will determine how long each TAT lasts.

Q:    Can TATs be removed quickly?
A:   Yes, absolutely.  TATs can be removed by using Rubbing  Alcohol.

Q:   Can we get a custom stencil made with our logo or emblem?
A:   Yes!  This can take 2 weeks, so let me know in advance so that I can make the arrangements and provide you with a quote.

Q:   How do I arrange for a party or event?
A:   Contact us with the location and number of people expected to attend. Also, let us know if the event or party has a theme. We can give you a quote. Remember to book us early, our calendar books up quickly.

Q:   How can I contact you?
A:   We are available by E-mail or Telephone. You can click the link within the "Contact Us" tab for our E-mail or call directly at 516-581-6552 or 516-242-8923.